About Us

Who we are?

“Our children are the cement of life. It’s up to us to make the foundation of the future!”

FLi Sathkara is a non-profit organization operating in Sri Lanka which was established in 9th of December 2018 as a guaranteed limited company. It is spearheaded by a team of young, dynamic, spirited and experienced individuals, who are sincerely dedicated to nurturing the needs and necessities of neglected children, the future of the island. Our approach focuses on children’s basic education, shelter, holistic personality development, health and hygiene and personal care.

We believe that every citizen has a responsibility to be grateful for his motherland and it can start by making a positive change in the society. The best way of paying back the society is curing its future. We are doing exactly the same by empowering children. Our humble beginning was wrought with intentions to create support structures that would help provide basics like education, shelter, food, and hope for the marginalized children.

Our Vision

Empower the underprivileged children & their families and assist them to lead a dignified life.

Our Mission

To be the most reliable hands that hold and guide the underprivileged children towards the success by providing them support and resources.


Recognizing, Understanding and Implementing the best practices in Child development.

To uplift the living standards of underprivileged children and their families, through community development, education, medical assistance and feeding programs.

To empower children by ensuring a proper education for children and create an environment that promotes the importance of education.

Preservation of ecological and cultural heritages for future generations.


Thousands of children are deprived from preventable causes, face poverty, violence, disease and hunger. Further, they are denied from the education and other basic rights owed to them. We deliver innovative development programs focusing on providing Education, Development, health and hygiene, Dignity, Care and a lot more to the needy and underprivileged children. Recognizing, Understanding and Implementing the best practices in Child development, care and protection is a major focus of our programs. We bring the voice of children to the world and gather everyone to make a better foundation for their future. FLi Continues monitoring and evaluation in order to identify best practices are done on a regular basis to ensure effective utilization of funds and excellent service delivery.

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